CLIA Cruise Line and Executive Partner Members discuss issues of major importance for the entire cruise industry

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CLIA LondonMore than 90 CLIA Cruise Line and Executive Partner Members have gathered in London to discuss a range of regulatory and technical challenges facing the cruise industry today including those related to the environment, tourism and consumer affairs, safety, security, and health.

The inaugural session of CLIA’s Technical and Regulatory Forum provided an effective platform for the association’s Cruise Line and Executive Partner Members to feed into the work undertaken by CLIA with IMO, the EU, and other regulators around the world. The first Forum was held at the offices of CLIA Diamond Executive Partner Holman Fenwick Willan LLP.

Keynote speakers included Bud Darr, Senior Vice-President of Technical and Regulatory Affairs, CLIA Global; David Dingle, Chairman, Carnival UK and Vice Chairman, CLIA Europe; Richard Pruitt, Director of Environmental and Public Health Programs, Royal Caribbean Cruises; and Tom Strang, Senior Vice President of Marine Operations, Costa Cruises.

The Technical & Regulatory Forum is part of CLIA’s Executive Partner Programme, which serves companies and organisations active in the cruise industry’s value chain. Within this framework, CLIA seeks to organise events and conferences that are tailor-made for the different stakeholders the association serves. The second CLIA Port & Destination Community Summit will be held in Hamburg on 8th September.

David Dingle, Chairman of Carnival UK and Vice Chairman of CLIA Europe, said: “CLIA’s transformation into a global association representing the interests of the entire cruise industry has translated into a greater need to foster debate between cruise lines and all other companies that are active in the industry’s value chain. We are glad that CLIA’s first Technical & Regulatory Forum has served to bring so many key players together and help the entire industry truly speak with one voice.”

Bo Larsen, Vice-President for Port Engagement & European Executive Partner Members at CLIA, said: “Cruising is a dynamic, forward-thinking, and rapidly evolving industry within the broader shipping sector. As the cruise industry grows, so it is inevitable that we face greater scrutiny from regulators who are keen to ensure that cruise operations are safe and sustainable.

“We believe that CLIA’s first Technical & Regulatory Forum will have served to keep our member cruise line members and executive partners engaged in the association’s dealings with national, regional and international legislators and regulators around the Globe.”

Fred Danska, Director of Cruise Business at Wartsila, said: “I find these types of CLIA events invaluable in helping to fully understand the challenges being faced by our customers.  We need to know their business inside out and being brought up to date on industry issues, together with networking in a relaxed environment, is very worthwhile.”