ClassNK Releases New Rule Amendments


Japanese classification society ClassNK is pleased to announce the release of the latest amendments to the ClassNK Rules.

ClassNK constantly reevaluates its Rules and Guidance for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships in order to incorporate the latest R & D results and feedback from damage investigations, as well as to address changes in international conventions and respond to requests from the maritime industry.

As part of these ongoing efforts, a number of new amendments, including the following, were incorporated into the ClassNK Rules on November 15th, 2012.

–        Requirements related to “Structural Bonding Methods for FRP Ships” in response to industry requests;

–        Requirements results related to “Specially Constructed Cargo Ships for the Carriage of Nickel Ore” in order to reflect recent research and development results;

–        Requirements related to “Lifeboat Release Mechanisms” in order to reflect recent damage investigation feedback obtained during surveys;

–        Requirements related to “The Energy Efficiency of Ships” in order to reflect recent changes made to relevant international conventions; and

–        Requirements related to “Steering Tests at Sea Trials” in order to reflect recent changes made to relevant IACS Unified Requirements

The full text of these amendments is available on the ClassNK website ( via the “Rules Amendments” section of the ClassNK My Page system (registration required).

For more information about these amendments to the ClassNK Rules, please contact:


ClassNK Development Department

Tel:      +81 43-294-6672

Fax:     +81 43-294-6699