ClassNK issues type approval certificate for lithium-ion storage battery system developed by Corvus Energy


ClassNK has issued a type approval certificate for the lithium-ion storage battery system ‘ORCA Energy’ developed by Corvus Energy.

Recently, the utilization of lithium-ion storage batteries as ship’s main sources of electrical power has been increasing in response to the growing momentum toward decarbonisation. Based on its ‘Guidelines for Large-capacity Storage Batteries’ issued in 2013 and industry feedback, ClassNK established Part H Annex 2.11.1-2 of its ‘Rules for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships’ in January 2023, which is applicable to lithium-ion storage battery systems with total capacities of 20kWh or more. The new rule specifies requirements for type approval of lithium-ion storage batteries.

Receiving an application from Corvus Energy, ClassNK carried out an examination of “ORCA Energy” based on the rule and the ‘Guidance for the Approval and Type Approval of Materials and Equipment for Marine Use’. Upon confirming it complies with the prescribed requirements, ClassNK issued a type approval certificate.

Mr Kolbjørn Berge, SVP Global Regulatory, Corvus Energy, said: “ClassNK is one of the largest classification societies and certainly the largest in Asia, getting this approval is an important milestone and is yet another proof of the quality and safety of the system. As ClassNK registers approximately 20% of the world merchant fleet in terms of gross tonnage, it´s important for Corvus Energy to ensure easy implementation of our products on board vessels classed by ClassNK.”

Mr Masaki Matsunaga, Executive Vice President / Director of Plan Approval and Technical Solution Division, ClassNK, said: “The pace of social change is accelerating, necessitating an increased effort to move forward with frontrunners to tackle these challenges. Issuing a type approval for ORCA Energy, which has significant accomplishments in this area, is expected to serve as a major milestone for increasing vessels equipped with lithium-ion storage systems. ClassNK will continue ensuring these technologies meet standards, supporting the maritime industry’s uptake of cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.”