ClassNK completes work on KOTC vessel MUTRIBA




Classification society ClassNK (Chairman and Presiden t: Noboru Ueda) announced that it has completed work on the 31,445 GT Product Tanker MUTRIBA, built by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., Ltd. (HMD) as part of a serie s of vessels being constructed for the Kuwait Oil Tanker Company S.A.K. (KOTC). The MUTRIBA was officially deliver ed to KOTC at a ceremony held in Kuwait on 20 October 2014.

The MUTRIBA is the fourth and final Product Tanker to be constructed by HMD as p art of this series under ClassNK Rules and Regulations and in line with KOTC’s strict standards on safety and environmental performance. The MUTRIBA along with the other vessels in the series utilize the latest in environmentally – friendly technology, and a re fitted with ballast water treatment system s and all possess an Inventory of Hazardous Material.

The series is also the first in the world to be constructed in line with the ClassNK Guideline for Noise and Vibration , and delivered with the relevant Class NK notation s “ Noise and Vibration Comfort (NVC) ” and “ Mechanical Vibration Awareness (MVA) ”.

Representing ClassNK, Mr K. Murata , Regional Manager of Middle East and Mr. S.F. Gilani, General Manager of Kuwait Office attended the delivery ceremony , and exp ressed their congratulations on behalf of ClassNK to the KOTC representatives for the successful delivery. Following the delivery, ClassNK will continue to provide classification services for the MUTRIBA and the other vessels in the series.