ClassNK Chairman and President is appointed Chairman of ACS

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Class NK Chairman and President Noboru Ueda
Class NK Chairman and President Noboru Ueda
Class NK Chairman and President Noboru Ueda

Classification society ClassNK has announced that ClassNK Chairman and President Noboru Ueda assumed the role of Chairman of the Association of Asian Classification Societies (ACS) on 1st January 2014.

ACS is an organisation of six Asia-based classification societies established to share technical knowledge and insights in order to improve safety at sea and better protect the marine environment. With a membership comprising Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI), China Classification Society (CCS), Indian Register of Shipping (IRS), Korean Register of Shipping (KR), Vietnam Register (VR) and ClassNK, ACS began operating as a formal organisation in 2010, building on a history of nearly two decades of informal meetings and cooperation between its members.

Speaking on his appointment to the position, Mr Ueda said that he was deeply honoured to serve as the Chairman of Asia’s leading maritime technical organisations, emphasising that “As Chair Society, ClassNK will strive to further strengthen cooperation and communication between ACS members in order to better contribute to the enhancement of maritime safety and environmental protection.”

In particular, Mr Ueda stated that, under his chairmanship, ACS will work to more proactively contribute to the development of balanced global regulations at the IMO and other regulatory bodies by consolidating the opinions of ACS members and providing greater technical support to regional administrations.

Class NK Chairman and President Noboru Ueda