ClassNK amends its Rules in response to industry needs

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Class NK Chairman and President Noboru Ueda
Class NK Chairman and President Noboru Ueda
Class NK Chairman and President Noboru Ueda

Classification society ClasNK has announced the release of amendments made to its Rules and Guidance for the Survey and Construction of Steel Ships.

ClassNK regularly revises and amends its Rules and Guidance as part of its ongoing efforts to improve the safety of life and property at sea. Amendments to Rules and Guidance reflect the latest research and development results, feedback from damage investigations, requests from the industry as well as changes made to relevant international conventions, International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Unified Requirements and national regulations.

Among the recent amendments was an update to the rules regarding the Guidance for Temperature Gradient ESSO Tests (tests for brittle crack arrest toughness) and Double Tension Tests. The amendments are based on the outcome of ClassNK’s joint research project with the Iron and Steel Division of the Japan Welding Engineering Society that was launched in 2010. Through this project, testing cateria for qualitatively evaluating brittle crack arrest properties was established, helping to effectively streamline requirements related to temperature gradient ESSO tests.

Preventing brittle fracture and ensuring brittle crack arrestability are of significant importance in ensuring the structural reliability of steel ships and ClassNK aims to further enhance the structural integrity of steel ships through the new amendments.

The amendments, dated 19th December, include: Requirements related to ‘Arrangement of Fuel Oil Tanks in Machinery Spaces of Category A’; Requirements related to ‘Guidance for Temperature Gradient ESSO Tests and Double Tension Tests’; Requirements related to ‘Structure of Bilge Keels’ and Requirements related to ‘Strength Calculations for Gears’.