City University London hosts conference about the future of law and policy in the maritime industry

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DegreeThe 5th Annual Maritime Law and Policy Conference will take place on Friday (4th April) at City University London when researchers and postgraduate students will present their ideas about how maritime law and policy should be shaped in the future. 

It is being organised by the London Universities Maritime Law and Policy Research Group (LUMLP), which is based at City and topics to be covered included the international community’s response to Somali piracy; the Maritime Labour Convention and whether the Shipping Industry should be exempt from Competition Law.

Professor Jason Chuah is Head of Academic Law at The City Law School and an expert in Maritime Law and is also an Executive Director of The London Universities Maritime Law and Policy Group.

He said: “The conference brings together researchers from various parts of Europe to share their research findings. It is the only maritime law conference of its kind in the world. Cutting edge research is shared. This is the fifth year for the conference and we are gratified to see it grow from strength to strength”.

The conference is designed to provide a supportive environment for researchers and postgraduate students to present their work. Submissions in all areas of Maritime Law and Policy, including relevant interdisciplinary work, are welcome. Each speaker has fifteen minutes to present their research ideas, followed by a ten minute discussion.

Three postgraduates from City University London will present their research at the event. Carlo Corcione will present a paper about the protection of agents and contractors involved in shipping operations; Faizah Abdul Rahman will present a paper on the topic of Shipper Liability for Cargo and Julia Constantino Chagas Lessa will explore the Maritime Labour Convention which came into force in August last year.