China adopts security measures of Olympic proportion

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Chinese ports will be operating heightened cargo restrictions and security precautions during the Beijing 2008 Olympics, in response to increasing worries over the movement of hazardous cargoes.

Shanghai Maritime Safety Association (MSA) issued notification regarding the restrictions over the shipment and operation of hazardous cargoes in Shanghai, with increased surveillance to be instated at most Chinese ports and certain perilous commodities prohibited entirely.

During the high temperature period between June and October vessels carrying hazardous cargo will be subject to enhanced supervision, with the additional implementation of anti-pollution schemes. Regulations will also be set in place with regard to the age and type of vessels entering the port to maintain optimum security control.

A temporary restriction period between 20th July and 31st August will monitor vessels transporting liquid cargo in bulk, with a strict limit on hold cleaning with crude oil and complete suspension of any radioactive, explosive or toxic cargo.

Regulatory measures will also operate at the ports of Ningbo, Qingdao, Dalian, Guangzhou, and Xingang/Tianjin, with security levels reinforced via comprehensive PSC vessel inspections and seaman’s certificates and passports requiring advance submission.

Quingdao MSA will be enforcing heightened submission and approval procedures due to the majority of Sailboat Games being held around the Quingdao waters. It has announced stringent policies on transportation in adverse weather conditions, the restriction of vessel flow with the support of patrol vessels, rigorous monitoring of illegal acts and implementation of heavy penalties for breach of law and regulation. Public security and frontier guards will conduct obligatory vessel checks, and oil pollution emergency action will be readily activated to deal with crises accordingly.