Charitable designs for Ulstein



Norwegian-listed ship design and shipbuilding entity, Ulstein Group, is to exercise charitable generosity with a planned liberal donation of NOK 3 million through a newly-established partnership with the SOS Children’s Villages, with an additional NOK 100,000 in contribution to the Haiti fund.

SOS Children’ Villages is the world’s largest aid organisation for orphaned and neglected children, and the organisation provides extensive medical/emergency aid and numerous education projects to 56,971 children in a total of 500 SOS Children’s Villages around the world. The two SOS Children’s Villages in Haiti luckily remained unscathed after the earthquake, and are working hard to assist children without parents as well as families in desperate need of help.

In the wake of the Haiti earthquake disaster, the valiant Ulstein Group is donating NOK 100,000 to SOS-barnebyer, joining forces with the organisation to support other such struggling communities around the globe through an additional minimum contribution of NOK 1m per year for the next three years.

“Ulstein Group wishes to enter into a long-term partnership with SOS Children’s Villages in order to improve education and future prospects for children and youth. The acute situation in Haiti has shown us the importance of aid and good support organisations for rebuilding societies hit by disaster,” said Ulstein Group HR Director, Torild Bugge.

“We also wish to support projects that are geographically connected with areas where we are active, we have therefore decided to support a major rebuild of the SOS Children’s Village; Porto Alegre in Brazil. We want to show that we care and we also hope to create even more enthusiasm and social awareness amongst our employees and partners.”