Changes to senior management at the UK Chamber of Shipping

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Mark Brownrigg 2The UK Chamber of Shipping has announced that Mark Brownrigg will step down from the role of Director General from the end of this year.

The UK Chamber has engaged a recruitment consultant to undertake an executive search for a new post combining the current roles of Chief Executive and Director General. This follows the departure of the UK Chamber CEO, Angus Frew, who is leaving in early August to become the new CEO of BIMCO in Copenhagen.

Mr Brownrigg has been Director General since February 2003 and has served more than 40 years with the UK Chamber. He will continue in his role alongside Richard Barker, the UK Chamber CFO, until the arrangements for the appointment of a new CEO are settled.

Kenneth MacLeod, President of the UK Chamber of Shipping, said: “Mark has devoted his working career to the UK Chamber progressing through the ranks to become Director General in 2003.

Through his time, Mark has seen enormous changes in the role and nature of the UK Chamber.

He was central to the introduction of Tonnage Tax in 2000 that has been instrumental in the resurgence of the British merchant fleet.

“More recently, Mark has worked closely with Angus Frew to successfully reshape the UK Chamber and make it relevant to future needs of its members.The UK Chamber owes Mark an enormous thank you for his unstinting service over the last 40 years.”

Mr Brownrigg added: “It has been my honour and pleasure to represent one of the great industries of this country. Shipping and the wider maritime services are at the heart of our society and the world economy.It has been a privilege to have worked so closely with the UK Chamber’s member companies and the splendid team in our secretariat over the years and I look forward to passing on the baton to my successor.”

To facilitate a smooth transition and to support the new appointee, Mr Brownrigg will work on a one-year contract for two days a week as ‘Consultant Director’ and will assist the new CEO by undertaking discrete tasks and projects.