Caterpillar Marine selected as ‘engine of choice’ by Turkey’s Samnar shipyards

Generic tugboat

TugboatPower solution provider in the tugboat sector Caterpillar Marine’s Cat dealer in Turkey, Borusan, has signed a Letter of Intent with Sanmar Shipyards for the supply of an extensive range of propulsion units over the next three years.

The deal is a significant milestone for Caterpillar because it demonstrates Sanmar’s view that Cat power solutions are not only best-in-class today, but are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. The Letter of Intent covers the supply of Cat propulsion engines and generator sets to Sanmar for their building program over the coming 3 years.

At least 84 propulsion engines and 86 generator sets are expected to be supplied between now and 2018. These will include 26x Cat C32, 22x Cat 3512C, 36x Cat 3516C propulsion engines and 86x Cat C4.4 generator sets. The engines will primarily power tug boats providing bollard pulls of between 60 and 85 tonnes.

Caterpillar has a long and well-established relationship with Sanmar. Together with its customers, the shipbuilder recognises the many innovative design features incorporated in the company’s engines. These include specially-designed ductile cast-iron engine blocks which provide extra strength and stiffness compared with other engines in the same class. This, in turn, improves the overall stability of the engine when running at full load for maximum bollard pull.

Together with other best-in-class components, engines are optimized to provide the optimal power-to-weight ratios without compromising material quantity or strength.

Managing Director at Samnar Cem Seven said: “The profile of the tugboat sector is changing. Consolidation means there are fewer but larger tugboat operators which are increasingly focused on bigger, more powerful vessels to meet the very best standards on sustainability. Demand is shifting to more innovative tugboats which are capable of meeting the designed bollard pull more efficiently. This is what the Cat engines help us to provide to our customers.”

Mark Harrison, Caterpillar Marine Regional Sales Manager, said: “We are delighted to have this seal of approval from one of the industry’s leaders. Our strategy is to focus of designing products to help our customers be successful.  For tugs, that is high reliability at increased engine power with quicker acceleration while at the same time providing lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and increased sustainability.  Cat marine engines have proven over many years to deliver this to our customers in the tug boat segment.”

Levent Altun, Group Manager at Borusan, Caterpillar’s dealer in Turkey, added: “Even with the latest design features including advanced control and monitoring systems, Cat engines are renowned for ease of operation and straight forward maintenance. Together with the company’s world-wide network providing constant customer support, Cat marine engines and after-sales services are a perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology and sound human relations.”

Sanmar provides vessels for many of the world’s leading tug operators. It recently built and commissioned a second shipyard in Turkey to handle the growing demand. This year, Sanmar achieved delivery of 25 tugboats to the owners from ten different countries, establishing a new record for them.   Cat marine power and propulsion solutions are backed by the worldwide Cat dealer network with trained technicians to ensure service support is never out of reach.