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Crew Changes: The Challenges and the Regulatory Impact of Vaccination Programmes

Hosted by SMI 

In Association with Marine Tours

A Part of London International Shipping Week 2021

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To what extent will the global vaccination of seafarers impact on the industry’s ability to travel and return to a semblance of normality? There are some in the industry who fear that the gradual opening up of national society will lessen the enthusiasm Read More…

Digitalisation and Smart Technology Webinar

Brought to you by Ship Management International and sponsored by Rina.

Advances in smart technology and digitalisation are at the heart of shipping’s future growth strategies as it seeks to position itself ahead of likely changes in trading patterns and supply chains. But with the industry locked in on contributing to a greener future, what role will digitalisation play in joining the dots and bringing all the maritime supply chain Read More…

Ukraine: The Crew Source Of The Future

Ukraine: The Crew Source Of The Future

A  Ship Management International webinar, association with Danica June 8th, 2021, 10:00 am London

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Ukraine is one of the leading suppliers of officers to the world fleet. In this short webinar you will learn more about the country’s demographics, maritime education and certification systems. This thought-provoking seminar will discuss the advantages and any pitfalls Read More…

IoCurrents Smart Technology and AI Webinar

IoCurrents Smart Technology and AI Webinar How to exploit these bottom line game changers A ioCurrents Webinar, In association with Ship Management International May 26, 2021, 12:00 PM London

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The advent of smart technology is changing the way we live and work and the maritime industry is no exception. Sensors on vessels provide huge amounts of data on engine, pump and generator Read More…

Cyprus Round Table Debate

In association with Columbia Shipmanagement



Dieter Rohdenburg CEO, Intership Navigation

Mark O’Neil President and CEO Columbia Shipmanagement and President of InterManager Maurice Baker MD, Interorient Shipmanagement

Sunil Kapoor Director, Fleet Ship Management

Eugen Adami MD, Mastermind Group

Thomas Kazakos Director General, Cyprus Shipping Chamber

Alastair Evitt MD, V.Ships (Cyprus)

Martina Meinders MD, Marin Shipmanagement



Sean Moloney, Publisher Ship Management International

Read More…

Managing Future Risk Webinar

Managing Future Risk A Copenhagen Business School Webinar, In association with Ship Management International March 18th, 2021

The webinar will look at the effect of the pandemic on the shipping industry and will examine ways that the risks can be managed. What are the risks, what are the game changers, and what can the industry do to mitigate the effects?


Panelists: IRENE ROSBERG, Director Read More…

Asbestos On Ships – The Facts

Asbestos On Ships – The Facts Webinar Management of asbestos in a post IHM environment January 26th, 2021 Ship Management International in association with Lucion Marine


Panelists: Capt Vikas Goel, Senior QHSE Superintendant, Anglo-Eastern; Thomas Klenum, Senior Vice President, Maritime Operations, For the Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs, Republic of Liberia; Jonathan Bruce, Partner, HFW; Stephen Drury, Partner, HFW; Kevan O’Neill, Marine Services Director, Read More…

Cyprus – A Round Table Debate

The Post-COVID Future November 26th, 2020 SMI talks to key industry players about how the Cyprus cluster has navigated the pandemic and how it can still meet its target for Blue Growth


Vassilios Demetriades, Cyprus Shipping, Deputy Minister Thomas Kazakos, Director General, Cyprus Shipping Chamber Anna Vourgos, Director, Aphentrica Marine Insurance Broker Capt Maurice Baker, Managing Director, Interorient Shipmanagement Alastair Evitt, Managing Director, V.Ships Cyprus Capt Eugen Adami, Read More…

Crewing Competence & Training Webinar

Crewing Competence & Training Webinar October 12th, 2020

With human error being one of the biggest causes of accidents on vessels, key shipping thought leaders will debate how ship managers, owners and operators can future proof their businesses to provide consistent and continuous competency training and clearly defined career development paths for seafarers in the post-COVID era.

Participants: Stuart Ostrow, President ShipMoney Capt Fradi Faouzi, Group Director Training at Read More…

Cyber Security: Is the risk overblown, yes or no? 

Cyber Security: Is the risk overblown, yes or no? 

Sponsored by EPSCO RA

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As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates digitalisation of the maritime industry, we ask how important is cyber security, will the  requirements of the ISM Code be enough to make companies take it seriously, and how are Boards responding to the risk?

Robert Hodge, Director, ITIC Karen Bolton, CEO, Nettitude (a Read More…

SMI Webinar – Cooperation or Competition

SMI Leaders in Shipmanagement Webinar – Cooperation or Competition? September 8th, 2020

In this digital age where data is king, should ship managers be more transparent in sharing their data for the good of the industry? Is the sharing of information a weakness or can it be turned into a strength?

And as shipping struggles to come to terms with the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic, could the determination Read More…

SMI Navigation Webinar – 26th August 2020

Navigation’s crucial role in ensuring global vessel safety  August 26th, 2020

It is said that 80% of maritime accidents are due to human error, but to what extent can shipping take navigational competence for granted?

Are today’s navigational officers really up to scratch and how can technology be used to make their jobs easier and more fool proof?

Does the onus of safe navigation in our important waterways sit with the governments or Read More…