Castor Marine to integrate Starlink with Acta Marine’s existing comms infrastructure


Following the announcement of Castor Marine being an authorized Starlink reseller, the company has signed a contract to outfit Acta Marine’s Walk-to-Work (W2W) vessels with Starlink connectivity. This includes the two Methanol MDO/HVO powered DP2 Construction Service Operating Vessels (CSOVs) that Acta Marine ordered earlier this year.

Castor Marine already manages Acta Marine’s entire fleet connectivity. Starlink will be integrated with the existing onboard communications infrastructure.

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications at sea is becoming increasingly important, because of its ability to provide high-speed Internet at very low latency. With this project Castor Marine’s strategy to offer Starlink to its portfolio is already paying off.

The W2W vessels will each receive four Starlink antennas and the full Fortinet suite for secure SD-WAN and SD-LAN network connectivity. This means that onboard operational and Crew Internet traffic is secure and fast, i.e., a download speed of more than 500 Mbps.

Castor Marine already serves Acta Marine’s fleet of offshore and DP2 workboats with VSAT and Iridium Certus services and recently installed the new Internet security infrastructure as well. This is important, as good communications between all parties involved in an installation or maintenance project is the basis of successful and safe offshore operations. This goes especially for Acta Marine’s fleet and crew who’s combined capabilities mean that work can be performed around the clock in harsh offshore conditions.

Continued cooperation
According to Vince van den Belt, Manager IT at Acta Marine, the contract is a result of the way both companies work together: “We have found a reliable partner in Castor Marine thanks to their extensive technological expertise and driven team. Therefore, it was logical to have them integrate Starlink on our offshore wind fleet.”