Carbon Positive launches programme for ship owners and operators

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Carbon Positive, the carbon management consultancy for the maritime sector, has launched its Carbon Positive Programme for Ships (CPPS).

The programme, which is specifically designed to support ship owners, ship managers and operators, will enable a reduction in CO2 emissions through a tailored carbon strategy; future proofing against impending regulations whilst exploiting immediate commercial benefits. Reduced carbon emissions will generate carbon credits that can be used for offsetting.

Developed by Carbon Positive’s team of carbon management and maritime experts in response to growing pressure on shipping to manage and reduce its carbon emissions and put SEEMP into action, the programme covers three key areas: technical, operational and offsetting measures. This three-pronged approach will help support ship owners and operators in realising the commercial benefits from reducing fuel burn, costs and CO2 in the near term and preparing them for carbon trading and offsetting in the longer term.

Carbon Positive CEO, Helena Athoussaki, said: “Shipping is the next global industry to face tougher carbon emissions regulation and this will result in financial, technical and operational challenges, alongside significant commercial opportunities for those who are prepared to be first movers. With increased understanding, there is so much more that ship owners and operators can easily benefit from, as reduced carbon in shipping invariably means reduced fuel burn and costs.”

The CPPS will also measure, manage and report CO2 emissions against pre-agreed targets set using Carbon Positive’s multi-criteria tools in partnership with the ship owner. Encompassing three main phases: ‘measure’, ‘reduce’ and ‘offset’, the programme begins with a comprehensive diagnostic of each vessel, measuring, monitoring and recording its carbon emissions to generate a baseline for improvement. Once this foundation is laid, Carbon Positive’s consultants can identify the appropriate technical and operational measures to create a bespoke action plan, setting targets for CO2 reduction.

After reducing carbon emissions, members can move on to the ‘offset’ phase, where Carbon Positive will create an offsetting and carbon credits strategy. As programme members achieve their individual emissions reductions targets, they will receive recognition in the form of Carbon Positive certificates, which will be independently verified to improve industry best practice.

Mrs Athoussaki concluded: “Our programme provides the specialist support that many ship owners and operators need to meet the requirements of the impending regulations of EEDI and SEEMP. By delivering a standardised and verified programme that delivers maritime carbon emissions management for the long-term, the Carbon Positive Programme for Ships can help the shipping industry to meet global emissions reduction targets.” Ship owners interested in joining the Carbon Positive Programme for Ships should visit

Carbon Positive is also currently developing a programme for ports that will be launched later this year.