Campaign saves 120 tonnes of sulphur emissions


Gothenburg swanThe Port of Gothenburg’s campaign for a cleaner shipping industry is continuing to bear fruit. During 2013, 49 vessels took part in the programme and, in total, saved 120 tonnes of sulphur emissions.

Shipping companies that switch to marine gas oil, LNG or another similar fuel with a maximum of 0.1% sulphur content while operating in the Port of Gothenburg can take part in the environmental campaign. They will be rewarded with up to SEK 250,000 per year per vessel.

In total, SEK 4 million was paid out during 2013 as part of the environmental campaign. The goal is to reduce emissions from shipping in Gothenburg and to facilitate preparations in the lead-up to the new EU Sulphur Directive, which will come into effect in 2015. The campaign is funded through the port charge, which for many years has meant payment of a surcharge if a ship’s fuel sulphur content exceeds 0.5%.

“In 2013, the campaign resulted in savings of 120 tonnes of sulphur emissions, which is 13 tonnes more than in 2012,” said Anna Jivén, acting Environmental Manager at the Port of Gothenburg.

B-Gas took part in the campaign in 2013 with nine vessels.

“We want to support innovative initiatives related to a cleaner environment and it felt perfectly natural to be part of the Port of Gothenburg work in this area,” said Kim Kristensen, President of B-Gas.

The environmental programme is subject to strict controls. The Port of Gothenburg is co-funding a study currently being conducted at Chalmers University of Technology where a research group at the Department of Earth and Space Sciences is monitoring vessels entering or leaving the port.

“Flue gas plumes are analysed via a measuring station located on the roof of the Älvsborg fortress. This allows us to measure the level of sulphur in the fuel and to determine how effective the sulphur programme actually is,” said Ms Jivén.

Shipping companies participating in the Environmental Campaign 2013 are: Thun Tankers (13 vessels), Maersk Sverige (13), B-Gas (9), Stena Oil (6), Topoil (4), Scandinavian Shipping (3), OW Bunker (1).

The programme will continue in 2014, which means that more shipping companies will have the opportunity to contribute to a cleaner marine environment in Gothenburg.