Bureau Veritas – VeriFuel to join Green Award Incentive Program promoting safety and environmental best practices in the shipping industry

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BV logoBureau Veritas – VeriFuel, announced today (Wednesday) that they will officially join the Green Award program as an incentive provider at a commencement ceremony to be held at their laboratory in Athens, Greece, on Friday (1st July).

The Green Award Foundation is an independent quality assurance organisation that certifies shipping companies and vessels that go beyond the industry standards in terms of safety, quality and the environmental performance. The Green Award scheme brings together ports and maritime service providers that want to encourage safer, cleaner and greener shipping and ships that strive for excellence.

VeriFuel is Bureau Veritas’ comprehensive Fuel Monitoring Program designed for the marine industry. Backed by a global network of laboratories, VeriFuel provides residual and distillate marine fuel quality and quantity assessment, advisory reports and expert opinion to improve fuel management.

VeriFuel has become a Green Award Incentive Provider in line with its policy to better protect the health and safety of its employees and subcontractors and minimise impact on the environment.

“The VeriFuel team provides expert opinion in regards to complying with quality specifications, environmental regulations and other legal requirements by the most enhanced testing scope, offering vessels a safer operation,” said Bill Stamatopoulos, Business Development Manager, Bureau Veritas –VeriFuel.

“Furthermore, we have minimised waste in our laboratories and offices and provide a paperless environment for the vessel, and the biggest sampling kits for fewer dispatches to reduce CO2 emissions. Our customers can also utilise local laboratories for testing to avoid air freight of fuel samples.”

Incentive providers from all over the maritime sector support certificate holders by offering them various benefits, making Green Award a platform for cross-sectoral Corporate Social Responsibility. Green Award certified ships will receive a 5% discount on fuel quality testing and on bunker surveys, and a 15% discount in all fuel related training courses from VeriFuel.