Bureau Veritas and Kongsberg launch new capability for digitised machinery maintenance


Bureau Veritas reports that it has taken a significant step forward in the delivery of digitally optimised machinery maintenance with the launch of a new capability that enables its Machinery Maintenance Application (MMA) to connect directly to a vessel operator’s own maintenance management system, K-Fleet from Kongsberg Digital.

This capability allows the vessel operator to directly transfer the required Machinery Maintenance data to Bureau Veritas. The first such connection between BV’s MMA and a vessel owner’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) went live on April 3rd, using K-Fleet software from the world-leading technology group, Kongsberg.

Kongsberg Digital has released this connector allowing ship operators to easily push their PMS (Planned Maintenance Survey System) data to BV’s MMA. This enables the first use of this connection by one of the leading Swedish shipping companies, Furetank.

This new connector serves as a communication channel between ship operators and Bureau Veritas. Based on the data, Bureau Veritas can prepare the periodical audits with greater speed and efficiency.

Using this new connector, the vessel’s list of equipment (LOE) is sent with a click and the maintenance report data is pushed automatically from Kongsberg K-Fleet. When the Machinery Maintenance Audit is requested by the vessel operator, the Bureau Veritas Surveyor will log into BV’s Machinery Maintenance Application and generate the maintenance report for the time period in question with the latest data received, ready for review. K-Fleet will then continue to update with new data on a regular time schedule until a new request for annual, occasional or renewal audit is received.

Laurent Hentges, Digital Solutions & Transformation Vice President at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, said: “This is a significant step forward in supporting ship owners, operators and managers with their machinery maintenance requirements. Jointly developed by Bureau Veritas and Kongsberg, it is a great example of how two leading digital solutions can be integrated to meet the needs of vessel operators.

“This collaboration with Kongsberg also highlights our ambition to take advantage of new technology and data exchange to advance the digitalisation to support class surveys, as well as support our clients with their digital transformation.

“Our aim is to replicate this first connection done with Furetank with other ship owners and CMMS. Data acquired will also open the door for data analytics and optimised maintenance models in the future.”

Sanna Tovar, Technical Coordinator at Furetank, said: “We continuously strive towards utilising new technologies and developments which make our ship operation safer and more efficient. The possibility to share the information from the vessels’ PMS directly with Bureau Veritas class surveyors will improve our work towards safer shipping and optimise our onboard surveys as the surveyor can come onboard better prepared, thus allowing the survey to focus on items not already available through the system.”

This new solution builds on BV’s Machinery Maintenance application (MMA) which was launched in 2022. This digital tool connects directly to ship operators’ Computer Machinery Maintenance System (CMMS) and helps them transition to optimised machinery maintenance schemes.

In order to sail safely, all vessels must undergo regular surveys of their machinery equipment and systems. However, most modern ships have more than 300 separate pieces of machinery onboard, each with its own specific maintenance requirements. This poses a challenge for owners, operators, and managers on how to conduct machinery maintenance regularly, but also efficiently.

For normal machinery maintenance scheme, this process is done through an in-person survey of all machinery items by a BV surveyor once every five years, during the renewal survey. But today, a large part of the world’s fleet is using more optimised survey schemes such as Continuous Survey Machinery scheme (CSM) or a Planned Maintenance Survey System (PMS).

Bureau Veritas’ MMA connects the ship operators’ maintenance system with BV’s own system, facilitating the development of a Planned Maintenance Survey System (PMS) plan with online guided booking. It collects data on the maintenance status of all machinery items, manages modifications to onboard equipment, and provides access to manufacturer manuals. This enables ship operators and BV surveyors to get a clear and comprehensive overview of onboard machinery maintenance, efficiently prepare for surveys and assess the machinery maintenance conditions.