Brunel Enviromarine coatings system enables 10 year docking scheme

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As the industry strives to attain a delicate balance between eco friendly qualities and high performance products, Gibraltar-based Brunel Marine Coating Systems has asserted its status as a unique force in green shipping.

The Brunel Enviromarine system has been certified by Det Norske Veritas as the only coatings system in existence approved for a ten year docking interval. This certification follows a six year trial in which a vessel, painted partly with the Brunel system, partly with a more traditional coating, spent four years trading in the north Atlantic, often in ice breaking conditions, then two years traversing the tropical waters of the Panama canal. On dry docking, pressure washing revealed the section coated with traditional product had shed 85% of its coating, while the Brunel system remained fully intact.

Richard Hussey, Director, said: “Imagine the money concerned and the ecological damage of taking a ship in and blasting it every two years, discarding anti-fouling products (which, unlike the Brunel system, often contain environmentally hazardous biocides and solvents) and then re-coating.” The Brunel system boasts a smooth finish and is non-porous so does not encourage marine growth.

The Remontowa Shiprepair Yard, Gdańsk, recently applied the Brunel system to the 243m Liberia flagged tanker NS Champion – the first vessel approved by DNV for a ten year docking scheme. Janusz Masztalerz, Commercial Manager of the Yard, confirmed the product was applied at the specified thickness of 2 x 150 microns and with a film micro texture of <10 microns ‘without difficulty’. He has also requested certification citing Remontowa as an official contractor for Brunel products.