Britannia Group publishes sustainability update


The Britannia Group’s latest report demonstrates how sustainability and ESG are becoming central to its culture and risk management processes.

Throughout 2022, the Britannia Group has continued to embed sustainability across the organisation and its business processes. This is being achieved through the development and monitoring of KPIs and the implementation of ethical policies to support and promote a corporate sustainability culture, while raising awareness among employees to ensure all are familiar with the importance of sustainability. This included rolling out an online sustainability training programme to all our employees worldwide.

Since publishing its first sustainability report in 2021, the Britannia Group has continued to broaden the scope of its sustainability reporting to reflect new initiatives. This year’s report has, where possible, adopted some of the principles of the draft European Reporting Sustainability Reporting Standards, which means disclosing both how ESG risks may financially impact our business as well as its environmental and social impact on wider society and how these are managed.

As part of its business model, the Britannia Group holds a comprehensive investment portfolio and in 2022 principles were agreed on an investment strategy, which includes reports on the ESG alignment of the Britannia Group’s investment managers. All fund managers are now required to include their ESG credentials and performance in their annual presentations.

The Britannia Group and its Managers continue to support a wide range of volunteering and charity fundraising activities undertaken by its employees across its office locations. It also supports local and maritime charities, particularly those concerned with seafarer welfare, through regular donations. In July 2023 the Britannia Group made separate one-off donations of USD75,000 to four maritime charitable organisations based in Bermuda. All the charities support aspiring or more experienced sailors as well as local maritime communities more generally in Bermuda.

Commenting on the report Andrew Cutler, CEO of Britannia P&I, said, “In an ever more complex and fast-changing world for our membership to navigate, the Britannia Group will continue to meet and respond to the expectations of our Members, other stakeholders and indeed to the whole shipping industry, to address ESG challenges and work towards creating a more sustainable future.”

The Britannia Sustainability Report 2023 is available on the Britannia website here.