BMT SMART launches Charter Party reporting capability


BMT SMART - Report SummaryBMT SMART, a subsidiary of BMT Group, the international maritime design, engineering and risk management consultancy, is pleased to announce the introduction of the Charter Party reporting module within its performance monitoring portfolio.

The new functionality will allow reports to be compiled at the end of a ship’s voyage, capturing significant details of the journey such as metocean data associated with the voyage, fuel usage, voyage information and total emissions used.  These reports are then compared with the agreed Charter Party conditions.

This streamlined compliance assessment tool allows the investigation of non-conformance, using the recorded vessel data which is automatically collected on-board, significantly reducing the administrative burden on the ship’s crew.

The new module delivers an event history and a speed profile providing a definitive overview, whilst more comprehensive tables further provide navigational, performance and environmental data in the form of Noon reports.

Peter Mantel, Managing Director at BMT SMART, said: “This is a result of a comprehensive study of the agreement between owners and charterers and is an exciting step forward in monitoring the various factors that affects a ship’s journey.  This is a logical area for BMT SMART to embrace as our expertise is focussed on developing and advancing technology that improves vessel performance.”