[bluester] and MarTrust partner to streamline due diligence services

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[bluester], a one-stop portal for buyers and suppliers of Maritime Support Services has entered into a partnership with MarTrust, a global payments provider and a Marcura Group company. Both companies are dedicated solely to the maritime industry, and are partnering to deliver due diligence services to users of [bluester].

As a financial services provider operating exclusively within the maritime industry, MarTrust is able to stay independent and specialised, whilst remaining strategically connected to leading global financial institutions. Furthermore, as a Marcura company, MarTrust says it has unparalleled access to insights and resources which allows it to vet companies across the shipping supply chain with high efficiency and accuracy.

For a minimal annual fee, suppliers registered with [bluester] will receive a ‘Vetted by MarTrust’ status, signalling to all ship owners and managers that they are a trustworthy, ‘ready to go’ service supplier. Additionally, ship owners and managers may request on-the-spot checks of a potential business partner.

Domenico Carlucci, Managing Director of MarTrust, commented on the collaboration: “The problem for ship owners and managers is that, sometimes, their banks do not have a thorough understanding of the maritime industry, or access to the relevant information or contacts to complete compliance checks quickly and accurately. As a result, these processes can end up being burdensome and costly for the concerned parties – the banks, ship operators and ship management companies alike. Our tailored services help customers avoid that. We are very happy to provide our services to users of the [bluester] platform under the special agreement established, and we look forward to offering our efficient payment solutions in the near term to them, as well.”

Christoph Oliver Kiese, CEO of [bluester], explained the customer benefits: “Counterparty due diligence is a regulatory requirement, and MarTrust’s services substantially reduce compliance risks and allow for reliable and secure transactions. By delivering access to MarTrust’s specialisation and service excellence, [bluester] provides its users with a very clear value-add.”

Pictured are (left) Domenico Carlucci, Managing Director, MarTrust and (right) Christoph Oliver Kiese, Managing Director, [bluester]