BIMCO launches ship efficiency package for members

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BIMCO has launched an exclusive package for its members to aide efficiency improvements within their operations.

The package, consisting of both a supportive guide to efficiency technologies and the market and a two-day conference and workshop summit, has been put together by Fathom, in recognition of BIMCO’s on-going support.

The publication included in the package, Fathom’s Ship Efficiency: The Guide 2nd Edition, is a unique publication for the maritime industry that critically examines all ship fuel and emissions saving technologies, profiles the companies providing them and assesses their viability.

The recently released Second Edition of the guide contains full profiles and critiques for over 220 products, in over 60 technology categories from more than 100 providers.

The two-day conference and workshop summit included in the package, Ship Efficiency: The Event (10-11th September 2013, London) will see Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General of BIMCO, act as the esteemed co-chair.

The 3rd annual Ship Efficiency: The Event will not only play host to world experts presenting information on topics spanning strategic planning and financing to implementation and current viable solutions, but said experts will also host training workshops focused around key areas of efficiency optimisation.

Alison Jarabo, Director, Strategy at Fathom commented: “It is important to us to recognise the real contribution BIMCO has made to both The Guide and The Event.

“BIMCO work tirelessly on the issues that really matter to their members and provide them with quality information, advice and education.

“We are proud to have BIMCO as supporting partners and are delighted to make this information accessible to their members.”

Further information regarding the BIMCO Ship Efficiency Package can be accessed via: