Biggest cranes to sail up the Thames by ship

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Share on linkedin World London Gateway, Britain’s new deep-sea container port, will take delivery of three giant quay cranes in early March when the vessel Zhen Hua 26 floats up the Thames on the final leg of the cranes’ three month voyage from China.

The biggest ever to be delivered to the UK, the cranes are 138 metres tall – two and a half times the height of Nelson’s column – and are upright on the ship. Weighing 2,000 tonnes, it would be possible to roll the London Eye under the lifting arm.

These will be just the first quay cranes destined for London Gateway.  A further 21 will be delivered once construction on the six main berths is completed. The quay itself – where the cranes will sit – will be over 2.5 km in length once the port is fully operational.