Berg propels direct-drive concept with The Switch technology on energy efficiency

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At a time when collaboration between OEMs and suppliers is critical to providing greener power solutions, Yaskawa Environmental Energy and The Switch’s cooperation with the system integrator Berg Propulsion on its Twin Fin diesel-electric direct-drive solution is growing, in the quest to reduce emissions in the shipping industry.

Jonas Nyberg, Berg Propulsion’s MD said, “Developing a complex package requires a lot of trust and transparency between partners. We have a very tight relationship with The Switch, whose PM machines and power electronics are at the heart of the system. The result is a winning solution that ensures optimal energy supply and perfectly aligns with our shared belief that technology can assure a cleaner future for shipping.”

The Twin Fin – is currently being installed in a self-unloading bulker being built in China and featuring a large internal MaK-powered variable-speed plant to meet high energy demand for propulsion, cargo handling and other vessel operations.

The Switch – is delivering permanent magnet (PM) propulsion machines, PM generators, DC-Hubs, Electronic Bus Links (EBLs) and Electronic DC Breakers (EDCBs) for the vessels as part of the environmentally friendly concept, for which Berg has a patent pending.

Twin Fin provides both increased cargo capacity usually associated with thrusters and the reliability and safety afforded by conventional propellers. Delivering higher thrust performance but with decreased energy consumption and emissions, it’s a real game-changer for the industry offering superior efficiency and reliability. And reliability means optimal uptime.