Battle is on to save WW1 Royal Navy warship

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HMS-president-21HMS President 1918, one of just three remaining Royal Navy warships from the First World War, could be scrapped at the end of the year, because funds have not been secured to maintain her upkeep.

Last week it was announced that the vessel did not receive the £330,000 Heritage Lottery grant needed and now the last option for The HMS President Preservation Trust is to appeal to UK Chancellor Philip Hammond to approve the Trust’s Libor Grant application in September.

Without funding, the ship will likely be sent to scrap at the end of this year.

HMS President 1918 was donated to the charity in 2015 and ever since it has worked hard to preserve her. During the First World War she was a secret German U Boat submarine hunter (a Q ship) shadowing Atlantic Convoys with concealed guns.

The Trust is urging people to help save the ship and has also set up an online Government petition and is asking people to write to Mr Hammond, the recently appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, or their local MP.

The Trust’s plea on the petition website states: ‘The Charity’s last resort is an appeal and application to The Treasury for Government funding and it is hoped that our new Chancellor, Philip Hammond who was previously Defence Secretary and aware of the importance of The President to the nation and military, will now step in and save her.’

If you would like to sign the petition please visit the following link