Barcelona: Port launches public tender for Bocana Nord marina

Barcelona at night
Barcelona at night. The city is awaiting its new marina, which will require a €30 million kick-start

The Port of Barcelona has approved a public tender to build and operate the Bocana Nord marina. Situated 100 metres from the Hotel W, Barcelona, the new infrastructure will occupy a surface area of 2.5 hectares, 5 hectares of sheltered waters and will have a fairway of 75 metres.

At an Executive Session of the Barcelona City Council on 9th March 2011, final approval was given to a second modification of the Urban Development Plan for the Nova Bocana of the Port to allow the development of the new marina.

The construction of the new facility will require an initial investment of €30 million. Candidate companies must demonstrate sufficient financial solvency to set up a business entity – for this sole purpose and with share capital of at least €9 million – in order to fulfil the required investment.

The facility will occupy various buildings from which top quality service will be provided, including a head office of 600m2, dry storage for 200 small craft and warehousing of 4,000m2.

More public areas

The infrastructure will include a public area with views over the new marina. The area will have two public walkways – one leading to a vantage point with views over the Bocana Nord – and walkways running parallel to the quays, as well as open pedestrian areas. The concession will be awarded for a period of 30 years and the deadline for submitting proposals is March 2013.

Barcelona Nautical Cluster

The new marina will occupy a privileged position in the NW Mediterranean rim, where a large number of leisure craft congregate. As well as being located very close to the beach, it is 4km from the city centre and just 400m from Marina Barcelona 92, a leading refit and repair yard for yachts.

Other companies specialised in providing added value services to leisure craft are also located in the immediate vicinity meaning the new marina will form part of the Barcelona Nautical Cluster showcased in September.

The Nova Bocana marina will also have excellent transport links via the El Prat airport, the city’s rail network and the maritime services of the port. There are also good public and private transport links to the centre of Barcelona.