Baltic Exchange introduces new OPEX assessments for tankers


Investors can now benchmark the costs of operating crude oil carrying Aframax tankers and clean product carrying Medium Range (MR) tankers after the Baltic Exchange added quarterly assessments of these vessels to its suite of shipping investor tools.

The new service is based on assessments made by independent third-party shipmanagement companies Anglo Eastern, Fleet Management and V-Ships.  Using the full suite of independent Baltic Exchange indices, investors are now able to benchmark daily vessel earnings, running costs, sale & purchase and recycling prices. The same vessel descriptions are used across all the datasets.

For the new tanker assessments, each panel member submits four numbers, expressed in US dollars per day: Crew (USD per day, including all fees); Technical ((USD per day, including all fees); Insurance (USD per day, including all fees and rebates). The fourth, an assessment of a five-year Drydock cost, is amortised over five years to give a USD/day price, but published separately and does not contribute to the headline OPEX calculation.