Baltic Exchange Chairman issues special Coronation message


Ahead of King Charles III’s Coronation on Saturday, Baltic Exchange Chairman Lord Mountevans this week issued a message on behalf of the Baltic Exchange and its members from around the world, extending sincere congratulations and best wishes to King Charles III.

The Baltic Exchange has a strong affiliation to the Royal Family, he pointed out, since King Charles’ father, HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was the most senior member of the Baltic Exchange and was elected an Honorary Member in 1953.

“HRH The Prince Philip visited the Baltic Exchange on several occasions including our 250th anniversary celebrations in 1994,” continued Mountevans. while HM Queen Elizabeth II visited the old Exchange in 1956 and then again 25 years later,, touring the floor and meeting with members.

“During many years of public service King Charles III has placed great weight on sustainability, the fight against climate change and the importance of preserving our oceans,” he added. “The Baltic Exchange shares concerns for the future of our planet and wishes His Majesty a long and successful reign.”

A formal toast to the newly crowned King Charles III will be raised at the Baltic Exchange Chairman’s Cocktail Party next week, when Monday is a national holiday in the UK to mark the country’s first Coronation in 70 years.