Baku Shipyard deploys SSI ShipConstructor to support digital workflows


SSI, the leader in software, services, and expertise for the business of shipbuilding, will supply its ShipConstructor design and modeling solution to Baku Shipyard (BSY Engineering) in Azerbaijan.

The agreement, with close support from SSI’s local partner NDAR, marks a shift in the Azerbaijani shipyard’s approach to ship design and construction, embracing the latest digital workflow technology to enhance efficiency and precision in its shipbuilding projects.

The implementation of ShipConstructor allows Baku Shipyard to optimize its current design and production processes, reducing the cost of vessel design and construction. This updated approach will play a critical role in streamlining operations and enhancing the shipyard’s overall efficiency.

The importance of 3-D product modelling is essential to Baku Shipyard’s digital journey, preventing workflow conflicts between design and construction functions and improving project efficiency. The adoption of ShipConstructor is a strategic move towards integrating advanced digital solutions across the shipyard’s future projects.

The first benefits from ShipConstructor are expected to emerge in the engineering department and will add value across many other departments. This evolution will redefine the shipyard’s approach to shipbuilding and allow it to keep pace with the latest industry techniques.

Currently, the shipyard is engaged in four major new construction projects: an oil tanker, chemical tanker, a Roll-on/Roll-off Passenger vessel, and a dredger. These diverse projects underscore the shipyard’s capabilities and commitment to delivering high-quality assets to a broad range of vessel operators.

SSI and NDAR have been instrumental in supporting Baku Shipyard’s transition to the SSI solution. Providing comprehensive training and support, they have laid the groundwork for a smooth transition, facilitating the shipyard’s adoption of the new system.

“Transitioning to an in-house technical office, after a decade using a different system, is a challenging yet crucial step,” said Samir Muradov, Engineering Manager at Baku Shipyard. “Our adoption of SSI ShipConstructor is fundamental to our shipyard’s future success, ensuring greater control and flexibility in the shipbuilding process.”

“NDAR is excited to partner with Baku Shipyard in this significant transition towards advanced shipbuilding technologies,” said Nick Danese, Founder and General Manager at NDAR. “ShipConstructor software represents the cutting edge in shipbuilding technology and we are confident that it will support Baku Shipyard in achieving its goals.”

“SSI is thrilled to support Baku Shipyard on its journey towards digital transformation,” said David Males, Director of Business Development at SSI. “The adoption of ShipConstructor showcases Baku Shipyard’s dedication to embracing modern technology for enhanced design and production capabilities.”