Australian Senate Committee recommends Parliament pass the Shipping Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

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Balmoral in Sydney, AustraliaShipping Australia has welcomed news that the Senate Committee inquiring into the Shipping Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 has recommended the Bill be passed, and that the Government give further consideration to providing a mechanism for emergency applications and clarifying the effects of the Bill on operations of cruise ships.

“Shipping Australia welcomes the recommendations of the Senate Committee’s report, which are in the best interests of all Australians,” said Shipping Australia CEO Rod Nairn.

“This is a real victory for common sense.

“The Senate Committee has looked at the big picture, ‘from a national, rather than a purely sectoral perspective’ and concluded that ‘failing to pass the bill will not change the course of the Australian coastal shipping industry. It is likely to continue its slow decline…’, whereas, ‘passing the bill is likely to enable Australian producers to access cheaper, more flexible and more responsive options for transport.’

“We totally agree.”

The Shipping Legislation Amendment Bill will allow international ships to provide competitive services in the domestic shipping market, this will unlock economic growth and deliver clear benefits to Australian primary producers, manufacturers and consumers.

The Bill opens the way for more environmentally efficient domestic cargo movement, and will ease the load on our existing road and rail infrastructure, giving it the breathing space needed for it to develop to meet the growing landslide logistics demands of the future.

Mr Nairn said there were now real opportunities for coastal shipping on the horizon, and once the demand recovers, there will be more opportunities for Australians to again become engaged in coastal shipping.

Shipping Australia now calls on Parliament to pass the Bill so that Australian manufacturers, primary producers and consumers can reap the benefits of international shipping participating efficiently in the domestic freight task.

“It would be very unreasonable if the vested interests of a few minorities were to be put ahead of the best interests of Australians as a whole,” Mr Nairn concluded.

Shipping Australia said it looks forward to the Bill progressing through Parliament without delay.