ATPI releases new data analytics tool to aid travel planning


ATPIATPI has announced the launch of ATPI Analytics, a powerful technology which offers a fresh perspective on data analysis for procurement teams and travel managers.

The tool offers the ability to monitor, predict and drive the performance of a travel programme on a global scale, 24/7, ensuring that measurable, real-time data is at the heart of business decision planning.

With its easy to use ‘dashboard’ of information, users can instantly filter, interrogate and gain valuable insights, capturing all travel data in one single platform, ending the reliance on static data reporting which was, historically produced on a monthly basis.

Adam Knights, Managing Director, UK, ATPI, explained: “Investing in developing market-leading technology has always been an area of focus for us, and I believe this next evolution of intelligent reporting can truly transform the use of data.

“The launch of ATPI Analytics gives us a fantastic opportunity to support our clients in a highly strategic way. They will be able to access and manipulate the data to support their travel management decision in a way they have not previously been able to do. HR teams, finance departments and of course, our travel manager partners will all be able to extract exactly what they’re looking for by using this technology. The reporting can highlight where important business changes need to be made in order to achieve better results or reduce spend.”

Key benefits of the new ATPI Analytics tool include: actionable data – drive business change through detailed information; an intuitive and visual approach which is simple to search and interrogate; full transparency and control, before the journey is undertaken, as well as a wealth of invoiced data to analyse the overall travel spend; pre-trip information to monitor passengers travelling to risky destinations or out of policy bookings; post-trip data displays the ins and outs of a global travel spend, highlighting opportunities for savings and efficiencies, to help positively change travel behaviour; benchmarking with industry peers to better measure travel performance.

The technology has undergone extensive research and development, incorporating the feedback of UK-based travel managers during a test period in 2015.

ATPI will introduce ATPI Analytics globally during 2016, and will be showcasing it at the Business Travel Show at London Olympia this week.