ATPI expert to head panel at ITM Sustainability Summit


At today’s ITM Sustainability Summit, ATPI’s Head of Commercial Strategy, Nikki Regan, will be part of an expert panel discussing the role of a Travel Management Company (TMC) in embedding sustainable practices with clients.

Joining ATPI’s expert on the panel, are fellow industry leaders Kim Trenter, the Global Travel Manager for DAZN, and Mark Corbett, the Founder at Thrust Carbon. United, this panel is in a distinguished position to discuss how a TMC can aid a partner in embedding sustainable practices.

In the travel sector, there is a growing aspiration to design a sustainable industry that benefits our planet. Net-zero emission goals are now common, and legislation changes to enforce these goals are not far away. Change must be embraced now before they are imposed later.

But how can a TMC, a critical advisor to a partnering corporate manager, support partners in creating and designing a sustainable travel programme strategy? The speaking experts will outline and detail ways to begin to build and maintain a programme, including by delivering initiatives, supporting buyers in advocating within their businesses and how to make the best use of data to support the right decisions.

Nikki Regan, ATPI’s Head of Commercial Strategy who will be on the panel, has said: “It is vital that TMCs support clients in making essential travel more sustainable. TMCs have to offer solutions that are tailored to their clients’ needs and goals, whilst assisting clients in measuring, reducing and offsetting emissions.

“At ATPI, we have led the way with ambitious and sustainable projects. Our methodology for measuring, reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions, ATPI Halo, is celebrated across the industry. We are using this cutting-edge service as a benchmark for what we aspire to do in sustainable travel – this year, we have outlined our CSR and sustainability vision, which we intend to carry on into the future.”

ATPI Halo is a CO2 measurement, reduction and offset service, that supports organisations in changing their approach towards business travel for the better. Nikki’s subject matter on the Thursday 9 March panel will include jargon-busting around sustainability to support buyers.