AtoBviaC Distance Tables now offered through voyager planning station


New Voyager 43resizedAtoBviaC is delighted to announce that its industry leading BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables are now incorporated into the highly regarded Voyager Planning Station solution.

From this month, bridge personnel can take advantage of the accuracy and quality of AtoBviaC’s distance tables while at the same time enjoying the state-of-the-art route planning, intelligent data management and quality of compliance provided by Global Navigation Solutions’ Voyager Planning Station.

Mike Bailey, Head of Product Development at Global Navigation Solutions explains, “AtoBviaC’s BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables are without doubt world renowned and respected as the reference source of choice when it comes to Steaming Times and Distance calculations. Our Voyager Planning Station is a leader in its field and it is essential that the partners we work with, offer our Voyager Planning Station customers a quality of product, that is its equal. We are very happy to have found that in AtoBviaC’s distance tables, and the team working behind the scenes on the product.”

Accurate and of the highest quality, AtoBviaC route distance tables are used by the professionals in the business as they are the best available in the marketplace. Routes are calculated by Master Mariners and so provide accurate, reliable calculations that can be trusted, taking into account issues such as traffic separation schemes and navigational restrictions.

For the tenth year in succession, new Worldscale flat rates have been calculated using round voyage distances taken from tables developed by AtoBviaC – the BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables – widely recognised as offering the gold standard for distance calculations.

As well as quality, Capt Trevor Hall, Director of AtoBviaC believes that AtoBviaC’s distances offer excellent value for money. “Tanker owners, operators, charterers and ships’ masters are used to relying upon AtoBviaC’s BP Shipping Marine Distance Tables to provide not only accurate and viable distances, based on actual routes, but also to help estimate true costs and to maximise potential profit.”