Asian Shipowners’ Association reconfirms its commitment to green ship recycling

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Following the 25th Interim Meeting of the Asian Shipowners’ Association Ship Recycling Committee, presided over by Mr. Ron Huang, Chairman of the ASA SRC in late March, a joint statement has been issued. It confirms that the SRC members are firmly committed to ensuring full compliance with all applicable laws on green recycling

The ASA SRC noted that since there has been an increasing global demand for shipping, the result of ship recycling volume in 2021 did not grow as expected and was 24.3 million DWT, with the year 2022 expected to be about the same. However, according to Clarksons Research, 2023 is projected to reach 45.5 million DWT due to the impact of more stringent environmental regulations and wider ‘green’ pressure, which accelerates many of the aged ships to be recycled.

The ASA SRC therefore reconfirmed that there is an urgent need to develop SOC (Statement of Compliance) certified yards in multiple countries as possible receivers of the above-mentioned future strong demand as well as for reducing risks when a pandemic like Covid-19 emerges.

The ASA SRC also re-affirmed the recognition that the Hong Kong Convention coming into force will be essential to mind-reset by mandatory international rule. This year will be an extremely important year for satisfying the requirements for early entry into force of the HKC.

The ASA SRC re-affirmed that China and Bangladesh hold the key for the early enactment of the HKC and recommended a number of Action Plans in order to achieve early entry into force of the convention. These included strengthening the ASA SRC’s standing policy of ensuring priority usage of HKC-certified yards and yards in the process of obtaining certification. The ASA SRC also has a plan to dispatch a delegation from the ASA SRC to Bangladesh to promote dialogue with the stakeholders (ship recyclers and concerned government officials) on green recycling and said it would continue to press for China’s ratification of the HKC, hopefully within this year.

The statement ended by saying the ASA SRC is firmly committed to contributing to global environmental conservation by promoting environmentally friendly ship recycling.