Armed guards on the TORM Republican deter pirate attack

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The TORM Republican yesterday afternoon succeeded in deterring an attack on the vessel by a group of pirates in the southern Arabian sea.

The Indian Master, his 21 man Indian crew and the four British armed guards are safe and suffered no injuries as they showed great skill in deterring the attack. No pirates were hurt either. TORM Republican was in open sea at the time of the incident, enroute to Taiwan from Port Suez at Latitude: 11 40 N, Longitude: 063 09 E.
Six pirates in a skiff approached the vessel and opened fire at TORM Republican. As the pirates carried on with their attack, the four guards onboard the vessel fired a number of warning shots into the water. This procedure followed closely TORM’s Rules of Engagement.

Following this the pirates abandoned their attack. The vessel and cargo did not suffer any damage and the vessel is continuing its planned voyage. The next of kin of all the crew members have been notified. The charterer of TORM Republican and all relevant authorities, both domestic and international have also been notified of the incident.

“I am relieved and pleased that no TORM employees or any guards suffered injuries,” said Claus U. Jensen, Executive Vice President, Technical Division. “This incident shows that TORM’s decision to use armed guards on all voyages in the area was the right one.”