A.P Moller-Maersk Group reveals 9% reduction of CO2 emissions



Tackling the challenges of global climate change head on, the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group has revealed a 9% drop in CO2 emissions in 2008 compared with the preceding year, through its widespread adoption of environmental strategies.

Representing a fall of 5 million tonnes of CO2, lower fuel consumption on ships and reduced flaring from platforms are part of the Group’s drive to combat global warming and help to alleviate the shipping industry’s contribution to environmental damage.

The Group’s annual ‘Health, Safety, Security and Environment Report’ is constantly assessing new methods and initiatives for improvement in the fight against climate change, with proposed plans for greater reduction of emissions and even further optimisation of fuel consumption in its future operations.

Joseph Nazareth, Head of Group HSSE, said: “We have taken many important initiatives in 2008 and we firmly believe they will enhance improvements in our performance in coming years. Especially on environment I am pleased to say we have made progress. In the economic downturn we remain committed to improving our impact on the environment and climate.”

Not only contributing to the global effort to reduce emissions and clean up the shipping industry, such designs of fuel-efficiency also work very favourably during an economic recession. The company statement revealed that the strategy “works simultaneously to the benefit of the environment and the businesses, where this creates economic value and competitiveness.”

In addition, the Group has been working towards reducing work-related accidents, and with 20 unfortunate fatalities in 2008, the trend proved a slightly more appeaseable figure than the 25 the year before. Its future goals also include greater focus on security, human rights issues and labour standards as part of its improvement plans.