A&P Group and Goltens prove a winning combination on Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) System installations


A&PShip repair, conversion and marine services provider A&P Group and ballast water treatment system retrofit specialists Goltens Green Technologies are combining their expertise in a bid to provide clients with a turnkey time and cost saving solution for BWT system installations.

In their latest joint project, A&P Group worked with Goltens Green Technologies to complete a BWT system retrofit on the SD Northern River, a multi-purpose auxiliary ship operated by Serco for the UK navy.  The vessel is the largest operated by Serco Marine Services.

A&P Group collaborated with Goltens on the SD Northern River project, having employed their services previously on a BWT system installation for LPG tanker Knightsbridge. The Goltens team completed 3D laser scanning, 3D design, detailed engineering design, and manufacture of all piping for the project, along with procurement of cabling and materials, before arranging transport to the ship yard of all equipment for installation to the Northern River.  A&P Group’s Falmouth facility fitted the system both mechanically and electrically during the refit period.

The approach taken by A&P Group and Goltens saved an estimated two weeks of shipyard time on the SD Northern River project, ensuring that A&P Group could deliver the best possible outcome in terms of budget for end client Serco.

Jez Littlejohns, Sales and Marketing Director for A&P group said: “The laser scanning is performed onboard the vessel during a short vessel port visit. This digital information is then used to design/develop the layout of the system. It ensures accurate pre-engineering and prefabrication of piping, which enables us to find the optimal positions for equipment and piping without needing to be on board the vessel. This allows the vessel to continue trading and saves a considerable amount of time when it comes to fitting the entire BWT system. The accuracy of the scanning and design ensures there are minimal modifications required when installing the system.

“Having worked with Goltens on a number of projects we are now able to offer clients a highly-efficient, seamless service from scanning through to final installation. The detailed information provided by Goltens on each project enables A&P Group to give clients an accurate price and minimal time scale for the installation. This allowed Serco, to budget accordingly and minimize costly out-of-service time for the SD Northern River. We hope that as the demand for ballast water treatment system installations grows; more clients will recognise the benefits of our collaborative approach.”

Jurrien Baretta Business Development Manager Goltens Green Technologies added: “The collaboration with A&P is of great value to us.  Our joint knowledge and expertise makes us a winning combination for ship-owners and managers, who require a solution to their BWT installation problems. Obviously, the faster turn–around time we offer is a huge benefit in terms of minimising out of service time and helps to differentiate the A&P yard from its competitors.  Goltens looks forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with A&P Group.

Speaking on behalf of Serco, Nick Yates Serco Technical Manager said: “To go with the laser scanning was a leap of faith as I was sceptical that it would fit as promised. I was amazed with the finished results.  The whole system installation fitted exactly as the early stage conceptual 3D images provided, thanks to the combined expertise of the project team.”

Tim Sutton Technical Superintendent added: “The BWT installation was a major project in itself.  However due to the laser scanning and efficient refit planning the BWT installation work was performed in the background to the rest of the refit allowing me and my Serco team to concentrate on the other major refit issues”.

As a result of their successful collaboration, A&P Group and Goltens have now been contracted to undertake BWT system installation work on three additional Serco vessels.

In addition to these projects, A&P Group’s Falmouth facility has managed and installed three 600-tonne capacity ballast water treatment systems on each of three complex military vessels A&P manages.  A&P is now in the process of preparing for the installation of a BWT system to a fourth vessel.

A&P’s in-house design team has undertaken the full feasibility and fit for purpose study, equipment selection, system installation design and planning, to procurement of all equipment and materials.  A&P’s production team has undertaken the installations of these projects up to and including testing and commissioning.  Each design and fit has been completed on time and within budget.