Antwerp Port Authority steams towards hope and glory with dock water heating project

Antwerp Port Authority has pushed ahead for recognition of its innovative and ecologically-fronted dock water heating project, by entering the Industry Technical Management Awards 2009.

With the aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 79% and forefront the realm of port energy-efficiency, the Port Authority has devised a heating system for its offices in the Nordkasteel Bridge building entirely through the utilisation of dock water.

Turning its back on traditional heating methods for the office building, which encompasses a total area of 515m², this pioneering scheme employs a heat pump which extracts heat from the dock water and supplies it in turn to the office building.

Through partnerships with Studiebureau IRS-Depré, Cooltech and Viessmann, the Port Authority has entered the project for the Industry Technical Management Awards 2009. In recognition of innovative projects, the awards ceremony will be presented by Industrie Magazine on 14 May.