Anglo Eastern Ship Management and MarinePALS launch a complete learning platform for maritime cadets at IMO


angMarinePALS and Anglo Eastern Ship Management have teamed together to develop PALS (Proficiency and Learning System). The system was formally launched in London during Human Element, Training and Watch keeping (HTW 3) sub-committee meeting at International Maritime Organization (IMO) in February 2016.

PALS is a web- based portal with an off-line version available on a tablet. The system provides the learning content for each of the tasks mentioned in GlobalMET and ISF deck cadet record book.

STCW A-II/1 provides the framework of the competencies that each watch-keeping deck officer needs to be competent in. PALS provides the learning material addressing the framework as per STCW 78 as amended in 2010, Section A-II/1.

PALS is a single consolidated platform for sharing of the information and progress between cadets, administrator, company Training Officer, mentor and external Assessors/ Flag states.

The tablet device synchronizes the progress of the cadet whenever Wi-Fi or internet is available. The company training officer can receive and provide feedback to the cadet within the same platform. The flag state or others can also access the progress of the cadet and audit the company training.

The key features of the platform are:

  • Consolidated material: Learning content from various sources consolidated at one place for ready reference.
  • Multi-media content: Effective use of multi-media content like videos, animations, diagrams and sketches to make learning interesting.
  • Self -paced learning: Cadets can learn anytime and anywhere and at their own pace.
  • Tutorials and assessments: Extensive library of tutorials and assessments for every task.
  • Sync with server: Easy one step synchronization of records with shore server when in wi-fi range.

SCORM compliance: The platform has the ability to support any content that is scorm compliant