Angad Banga of The Caravel Group appointed Chairman of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association


The Caravel Group’s Chief Operating Officer, Angad Banga, also on the board of Group company Fleet Management Limited (FLEET), has been appointed Chairman of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association, one of the world’s largest shipowner associations.

The Association has a storied 65-year history and currently has more than 180 members, representing companies owning, managing and/or operating a fleet, as well as providing professional services to the shipping industry.

Mr Banga succeeds Mr Wellington Koo of Valles Steamship Co., Ltd, who has completed his two-year term. He paid tribute to Mr Koo’s leadership and service at the Association’s annual cocktail reception, a highlight on the calendar of last week’s Hong Kong Maritime Week.

“Faced with the challenges posed by the pandemic, unique local issues, and an evolving regulatory framework, Wellington’s strategic acumen and steadfast commitment have reinforced our Association and left an indelible impact on the entire maritime community in Hong Kong,” he said.

Mr Banga highlighted that the Association plays a key role in supporting and adding value to its members through facilitating and organising forums, advocacy initiatives and networking opportunities.

“As we continue to operate within the maritime industry, we are acutely aware of the challenges we face. These include a complex regulatory environment, the imperative of environmental sustainability, the urgency for digital transformation and enhanced crew welfare. These challenges should not be viewed as obstacles but as catalysts for innovation, new ideas and change,” he said.

“The Hong Kong Shipowners Association will further enhance our efforts to facilitate dialogue and cooperation, promote technological and environmental advancements, and advocate for equitable and effective policies. Together, we can transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and development.”

Dr Harry Banga, Chairman and CEO of The Caravel Group, said: “I’m proud of my son, Angad, on his appointment as Chairman of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association. We have been an active member of the Association for many years, and I look forward to following its continued success under his leadership.”