Amogy and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding complete feasibility study of ammonia fuel supply system designs for maritime use


Amogy, a provider of mature, scalable, and efficient ammonia-to-power solutions, and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (MSB), a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, have completed the feasibility study of collaboration concept designs of onboard hydrogen production and utilisation with Amogy’s ammonia-cracking technology and Mitsubishi Ammonia Supply and Safety System (MAmmoSS®).

The studies were conducted by the two companies to confirm the feasibility of two collaboration concept designs: a power train combining ammonia cracking and hydrogen fuel cell for ships and a hydrogen supply facility for supplying hydrogen as pilot fuel to ammonia fuel engine.

To unlock the potential of ammonia, Amogy has developed an innovative ammonia-to-electrical power system that splits, or ‘cracks’ liquid ammonia into its base elements of hydrogen and nitrogen, which then funnels the hydrogen into a fuel cell, generating high-performance power.

MSB will promote the decarbonisation of the maritime industry, realise a carbon-neutral society, and contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts on a global scale by continuing to develop marine ammonia handling systems, such as fuel supply systems for a wide range of ammonia fuel consumers include this collaboration for onboard hydrogen production and utilisation.