Ambrey verifies details of deadly Houthi missile strike


In its latest Threat Circular, maritime security expert Ambrey notes that the three crew members killed following a Houthi anti-ship ballistic missile strike on the bulk carrier True Confidence were the first crew fatalities since the Houthis began attacking merchant shipping in response to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In the whole of 2023, only one merchant vessel crew member died from a security event in a different theatre, it points out.

Ambrey says it has verified that the vessel was formerly US-financed through Oaktree Capital Management, and was owned by a non-US national, through a Greece-based company: Third January Maritime Ltd.

Houthis did warn the merchant vessel ahead of the attack, Ambrey confirms, and the crew apparently “turned her around, drifted, and then were attacked”.

“The vessel had a strong public affiliation with the Houthi target profile ahead of the transit,” concludes maritime security expert Ambrey, “and was still listed as owned by Oaktree Capital Management prior to the attack.”