AkzoNobel marks 20,000 applications of its cost and efficiency saving primer Intershield 300


akzonobelAkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings Business, the supplier of International coatings, is celebrating its 20,000th application of Intershield 300, its highest performing anticorrosive universal primer.

Yesterday (Tuesday) the newly constructed LNG carrier Torben Spirit became the 20,000th vessel to be coated with Intershield 300. The vessel is due to be delivered in February 2017 by DSME Shipyard to Teekay Shipping.

Wesel Philippe, Site Manager, New Build and Projects at Teekay Shipping, said: “By applying Intershield 300 at the newbuilding stage and maintaining it correctly during subsequent drydockings, there are considerable financial and environmental savings to be made. It is clear why Intershield 300 is the market leading primer for LNG vessels and continues to be the benchmark for the wider shipping industry.”

The company said the application of Intershield 300 to Torben Spirit reaffirms the coating’s market leading position in the LNG industry, where 60% of the global fleet uses Intershield 300. Other ship owners using Intershield 300 include DHT holdings, Knutsen OAS Shipping, Maran Gas, and AET Tankers.

A celebratory event to mark the 20,000th application of Intershield 300 was held at the Teekay Shipping site office in Geo-je, South Korea, yesterday (Tuesday). The event was attended by (L to R) Hyojun Kim, New Build Product Manager; BK Kim, New Build Segment Manager (AkzoNobel); Philippe Wesel, Site Manager, New Build and Projects; SangHo Hwang, Lead Superintendent (Teekay Shipping Ltd); TaeMin Chio, Technical Representative Manager; Bum Jung, Sales Manager (AkzoNobel).

BK Kim, New Building Segment Manager at AkzoNobel’s Marine Coatings Business, said: “The 20,000th application of Intershield 300 is a significant milestone for AkzoNobel and our customers. Since its launch in 1988, we have not only seen continued trust and confidence in the performance of Intershield 300, but also a growing understanding of its commercial and operational benefits, through efficiency savings and life-cycle cost reduction. In an industry where ship owners and operators are under pressure to increase operational and environmental efficiencies, the savings generated by Intershield 300 play a key role in ensuring our customers remain profitable and compliant.”

Designed for vessel hulls and ballast tanks, Intershield 300 has been successfully applied to container ships, LNG carriers, tankers and other vessels during routine maintenance and repair regimes, as well as to more than 4,600 newbuild vessels.  At the newbuild stage, Intershield 300 can enhance shipyard productivity when applied as a universal primer by simplifying the coating process and providing optimum corrosion protection.