AkzoNobel launches Intertrac HullCare package to save fuel and emissions

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AkzoNobel has launched a new hull management solution that guarantees speed loss of up to 1% over a 10-year period. Intertrac® HullCare combines high-performance hull coating technology from AkzoNobel’s International® range, cutting-edge ROV (remote operating vehicle) inspection, and big data performance monitoring with proven hull cleaning techniques, resulting in what the company says is the industry’s most environmentally sustainable hull management package to date.

Customers of Intertrac® HullCare have the option to choose between a 5-year or 10-year scheme to help operators deliver maximum fleet efficiency. The Intertrac HullCare data suite, operational cycle, value adding guidance and flexible docking intervals all ensure customers can take unprecedented control of their vessel’s hull management and make informed decisions.

Jean-Michel Gauthier, Director for AkzoNobel Marine, Protective and Yacht Coatings comments: “Intertrac HullCare exemplifies how we are actively collaborating with customers to provide solutions which further their financial and sustainability performance as well as that of the Marine industry as a whole. The advanced remote inspection and cleaning technologies used, have been developed and tested in close collaboration with leading global equipment suppliers over the last 5 years.”

The inclusion of proactive hull cleaning as part of Intertrac HullCare helps to boost savings during the dry-docking cycle. In a further boost to sustainability, all cleaning is aligned to the BIMCO industry standard for hull cleaning – meaning it is conducted using cleaning technology, with reclamation as standard.

John Willsher, Global Account Manager – Marine for AkzoNobel says: “Our Intertrac HullCare system sets new standards for operational efficiencies – delivering more added value and going further than any other system currently on the market”.

“It optimises paint consumption and maintenance while having the lowest environmental footprint of any similar scheme, as well as future-proofing against environmental legislation. That includes the use of reclamation when cleaning which we believe is of particular importance in mitigating the risk of translocation of invasive species.

“Through Intertrac HullCare we offer the experience, technology and data to maximise a fleet’s operational efficiency, driving forward your carbon neutral journey with uncompromising performance.”