Airbus Defence and Space ships 1000th XChange system


Airbus Defence and Space has shipped the 1000th XChange communications management system, reaching a key milestone since its introduction in the summer of 2011. According to Airbus, this success is driven by the system’s diverse capabilities, providing seamless global connectivity and high-level communications service management functionality.

XChange is a core component of the Airbus Defence and Space Pharostar VSAT services used on merchant and offshore vessels worldwide. Designed to optimise voice and IP communications between ship and office, XChange’s innovative feature set harmonises networks to provide seamless communication. In just three years it has become established as one of the most popular maritime communication technologies available.

XChange has continued to evolve, with version three released this spring further improving the flow of operational data between ship and shore through powerful voice and connectivity service management. XChange v3 allows more efficient use of onboard connectivity as well as a reduction in operational costs as vessel IT can be cost-effectively monitored from shore.

The solution also introduces WiFi connectivity to crew through the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, so users can make calls, send messages and access the Internet using their own smart phones and tablets.

“Partners and customers today understand the value of the XChange solution, which is being used by 122 major shipping companies and service providers as an on board IT management solution,” comments said Tore Morten Olsen, Head of Maritime satellite communications activities at Airbus Defence and Space. “We’re delighted to have reached 1000 XChange systems delivered. As a key part of our AuroraGlobal network concept and the Pharostar and Pharostar Plus services, XChange will continue to evolve in order to meet the changing requirements of our diverse user-base.”