Aderco announces 35th Anniversary at Posidonia

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Aderco RD LaboratoryAderco International, a company involved in the research & development, manufacture and distribution of specialised fuel treatment covering the key maritime, industrial, mining and automotive sectors, is proud to announce its 35th anniversary year of operation and will mark the occasion by exhibiting for the first time at Posidonia.

Aderco started operations in 1981 when Canadian Paul Crevier identified a molecule with unique properties for improving fuel efficiency and addressing the issues specific to fuel oil-fired operations. Together with the Québec Industrial Research Centre (CRIQ), the formulation was further optimised and validated into what is today, a highly regarded and trusted brand used across the globe.

That same year, having heard what he was working on, Canadian ice-breaker operators approached Crevier requesting a solution to address the fuel issues they faced and, most importantly, to improve both fuel efficiency and operational reliability. The extreme operating conditions combined with the strategic importance of the Saint Lawrence River had created a fuel treatment challenge that needed to be met, and so the Aderco adventure began.

Aderco’s initial product iterations successfully overcame the problems of fuel incompatibility, sludge formation, inefficient combustion and deposit formations. In fact, they exceeded expectations in terms of saving costs and safeguarding equipment.

Extensive laboratory and field testing ensued, with numerous base cases delivering compelling results. Through word of mouth and a proven track record, Aderco was soon on a growth trajectory beyond North America, expanding into Europe and along the “silk route” into Asia including the establishment of strategic offices and stock points.

By the turn of the millennium, Aderco had further refined the formula to incorporate the benefits of vegetal organic derivatives. Besides enabling a higher concentration than was possible with solvent-based methods, it also addressed the sustainability dynamic, the result being a product that not only promised a far lower cost per tonne treated but also one that was more environmentally responsible and came with the all-important Non-Hazardous classification. The advantages included convenient 20-litre pails rather than 200-litre drums and no transportation restrictions. The green pails of Aderco 2055G, the latest-generation fuel conditioning formula, are increasingly a common sight on vessels of all types the world over.

In 2011, Aderco had already begun applying R&D resources with regard to the growing concern of sulphur emissions, especially in view of impending Emissions Control Area legislation. Aderco L1050 Lubricity Improver – like 2055G a vegetal-organic formulation, 100% ashless and 100% metal-free – was introduced well in advance of the new, stricter SECA (Sulphur Emissions Control Area) regulations that came into force on 1st January 2015, enabling  ship owners’ and ship managers to seamlessly and cost-effectively adapt to the new regime.

Specifically developed to compensate for the loss of lubricity due to desulphurisation whilst also protecting vital engine components, L1050 has already established itself as the go-to solution when entering Sulphur Emission Control Areas (ECA). Aderco 2055G and L1050 consistently prove to be the ideal combination for ensuring risk-free fuel switch-over operations.

Commenting on the anniversary, Aderco International CEO Olivier Baiwir said: “We are enormously proud of the strong reputation we have earned in the key maritime market place. Our track record has also enabled us to expand into the industrial power generation, mining and transportation sectors as well.”

Olivier d’Olne, General Manager of Aderco Marine, added: “With our fuel treatment competence being second to none, we are committed to satisfying very demanding customers both through innovative solutions and outstanding service. Based on a partnership for progress, it greatly assists that our fuel treatment products more than pay for themselves with the savings they generate”.

As a company that continuously and progressively looks forward, the fast approaching challenges of biodiesel fuels are already being addressed by Aderco, with solutions showing compelling results for keeping bacterial growth under control without biocide action.

Mr Baiwir stated: “This will be our first occasion exhibiting at Posidonia and the timing couldn’t be better. We look forward to reciprocating the fantastic hospitality that is the hallmark of the maritime industry, especially here in Greece.”