Accord on course for MLC 2006 compliance

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Accord Shipmanagement has confirmed its fleet will be Maritime Labour Convention 2006 compliant by the close of 2010. This announcement follows Accord’s concentrated efforts to build awareness with owners regarding new legal standards to safeguard working conditions onboard.

Managing director Sanjay Shesh said: “We have embarked on an International Labour Organisation gap analysis for our owners to prepare the way for the convention’s implementation in 2012.

“There needs to be a holistic approach to ensure that seafarers’
accommodation, recreation, catering, health and medical care, welfare and social conditions are MLC compliant. We are also working with a leading classification society to provide MLC training and certification.”

Accord is also encouraging owners to utilise dry dock time in order to modify ships to MLC standards prior to certification.

“Accord’s dry docking programme means that if there is any modification needed to seafarers’ accommodation then extending planned dry dock time this year means that there will not be a need for an additional downtime for vessels closer to the deadline” Mr Shesh added.

“There will also be many other owners dry docking vessels just before the MLC deadline, which means it will be more difficult to book dry docking facilities in 2011.”