Accelleron supports strong engine performance on new Makita two-stroke engine


Accelleron has been chosen to supply turbochargers for Japanese engine builder Makita’s first small-bore two-stroke marine engine featuring exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). The step follows a successful matching test in which Accelleron’s A255-L turbocharger demonstrated high efficiency, supporting both low NOx emissions and overall fuel consumption on the Makita-built MAN B&W 6G45ME-C9.7-EGRBP engine.

The Makita engine, 6G45ME-C9.7-EGRBP, will be the first of its type worldwide to feature EGR bypass, which allows the engine to match EGR operation to engine load to deliver the required NOx emissions reduction. EGR bypass relies on good turbocharger efficiency and the A255-L enabled the engine to reach Tier III NOx emissions limits with a relatively low power demand, contributing to better fuel consumption and therefore lower greenhouse gas emissions.

An official from Makita said: “With the matching test of the new 6G45ME-C9.7EGRBP engine, we have confidence that Accelleron’s A255-L turbochargers have the performance and efficiency we need to deliver outstanding engines.”

The first Makita MAN-MITSUI-B&W 6G45ME-C9.7-EGRBP engine with Accelleron’s A255-L turbocharger will be deployed on a 40,000 DWT bulk carrier for Japanese shipyard.

The first A255-L was introduced in 2019 as an extension to the A200-L series, which now has more than 220 units delivered on two-stroke engines. The highly reliable unit features with a turbocharger efficiency of up to 75%.

Accelleron Head of Sales Medium and Low-Speed OEM Asia, Alexandros Karamitsos said: “The use of Accelleron turbochargers on this new engine is a great statement of faith from Makita and MAN Energy Solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering turbochargers with outstanding performance and there is no better testament to our success than being selected for innovative engines from high-quality customers.”