Accelleron signs Turbo MarineCare agreement with Chinese VLCC owner AMCL


Accelleron Turbo Systems (Hong Kong) Ltd has signed a Turbo MarineCare™ agreement with Associated Maritime (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd., for the long-term provision of turbocharging servicing for ten A175-L turbochargers on five AMCL operated vessels.

AMCL is both the owner of the largest VLCC fleet in China and manager of the world’s leading VLCC fleet. The company was one of the forerunners in introducing VLCCs to the Asia-Pacific region.

The deal represents the first time a company under the China Merchants Group has signed a long-term turbocharger servicing agreement with Accelleron and signifies the first step in a strategic business partnership between the two companies.

Under the Turbo MarineCare™ service agreement, Accelleron will provide fixed-price turbocharger servicing using original spare parts with continuous warranty for a duration of five years to ensure the safe operation of the vessels. AMCL will also gain access to Accelleron’s intuitive digital platform, Loreka which provides users with 24/7 access to easy-to-interpret fleet-wide turbocharger health indicators with accompanying advisories provided by Accelleron experts.

Through the new Turbo MarineCare™ Agreement, Accelleron will provide peace of mind with guaranteed turbocharger servicing coverage to five AMCL vessels, inclusive of all spare parts, labour, and transport, based on a fixed service agreement price. This removes fluctuations in lifetime turbocharger maintenance cost by eliminating the risk of unexpected expenses arising during a service event.

Under Turbo MarineCare™, AMCL will have a single point of contact at Accelleron who will coordinate all maintenance activities, with only one purchase order and invoice issued for each servicing event. This will significantly reduce the administrative burden for AMCL.

Associated Maritime (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd, said: “Ensuring the continuous uptime of our fleet is of immense importance. The service that Accelleron offers is very much aligned with our business objectives of protecting vessel uptime and digitalization. We will use the digital platform to monitor the health status of all turbochargers under maintenance contract and ensure that turbocharger maintenance events are proactively undertaken under the guidance and expert services provided by Accelleron.”

Jin-woo Seong, General Manager at Accelleron Turbo Systems (Hong Kong) Ltd, added: “Although contractually this is a deal forged between supplier and customer, the relationship between Accelleron and AMCL is more like a business partnership. We are honoured to provide our turbocharging maintenance service to AMCL vessels for the first time, with a shared vision between Accelleron and AMCL and a strong relationship.”