Abu Dhabi Ports rolls out fourth annual ‘Working Safely in the Heat’ campaign


Abu Dhabi PortsAbu Dhabi Ports has rolled out ‘Working Safely in the Heat’ campaign in its ports and KIZAD as part of the Abu Dhabi Occupational Health and Safety Center (OSHAD) and UAE Ministry of Labour’s ‘Safety in Heat’ programme.

Abu Dhabi Ports campaign is being held for the fourth year to raise awareness about the dangers of working in the heat and help prevent heat-related illnesses during the summer months.

The Abu Dhabi Ports campaign will be running from 5th June until 15th September 2016 at All Abu Dhabi Ports and is using the “Working Safely in the Heat” campaign messages and awareness material, developed by (OSHAD).

The Abu Dhabi Ports campaign will raise awareness amongst Abu Dhabi Ports employees and Abu Dhabi ports users, as well as truck drivers visiting the ports and KIZAD on the risks associated with heat and how to avoid heat stress. The campaign will highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle; balanced diet, good sleep and hygiene as well as hydration for workers during the hottest months of the year. It will also help workers and employees identify the signs of heat-related illnesses amongst their colleagues, so as to catch any incidents that may occur and provide them with the required initial treatment as early on as possible. The campaign will also include a lot of field visits to distribute gifts to the workers supporting them to work under the heat.

Commenting on the campaign, Mohammed Al Tamimi, Sr Manager HSE, Abu Dhabi Ports said: “Abu Dhabi Ports is keen to support the efforts of OSHAD for preventing midday work in summer. Undoubtedly, this action significantly reduces the number of heat stress cases. We hope that this campaign will mean that everyone can keep safe and hydrated and that we will have no Lost Time Incidents as a result of heat related illnesses.  This campaign will ensure that everyone in our ports and the industrial zone will know how to stay safe by recognising the early signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses and can seek treatment accordingly.

“The safety of our employees and all those using our ports and industrial zone is our top priority. The hot summer months can be very dangerous for anyone working outside who is unprepared or unaware of the risks.”